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About Me

An illustration of me!

he/him, INTP, cryptid (enthusiast)

[Statement begins.]
Good day, ladies, gentlemen, and bastards of assorted genders! The name’s Ilias (though “rat bastard,” “👁👁👁👁👁👁,” or “the reason why people don’t believe in God” will all do in a pinch). I'm an eldritch horror spawned from the dark corners of your room and an aspiring cartoonist running on pure caffeine. You can usually find me making art, characters, and terrible decisions™
Be back soon!
[Statement ends.]

Current Projects

[Statement resumes.]
At the moment, the only big project I’m working on is a cartoon concept called Umbrellas All the Way Down.

You’re trying to tell me that different realities have to exist on completely separate layers? Well, with the super thin, shitty fabric that reality is made of in UAWD, dimensions can bleed into each other, and interdimensional travel has never been easier! (Though it is not always or even usually intentional.) Just try to avoid falling into any reaching eldritch horrors while you're at it.
Our story follows Quill, a student who, in looking for a little adventure (and an internship to put on her college application), joins Hecate and Co., Private Investigators and Interdimensional Odd Job-Doers(™). Our protagonists are hired by all sorts of people and other entities, dealing with cults, trying to prove the existence of Mothman, or maybe just convincing the eldritch horror that spawned in someone’s kitchen to leave. There may be a little murder, too. Our heroes don’t ask too many questions.
For more info on the story and specific characters, or if you want to see what else I’m getting up to, visit my Notebook.ai. If you want better info on the universe of UAWD in general, also check out my World Anvil!
[Statement ends.]

Commission Info

More Recent Examples of My Art

The Distortion from The Magnus Archives

I’m not currently doing pixel or sprite commissions, but hope to offer them soon! Stay tuned 👁👁

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